Leitz microscopy catalogs and manuals


My wok involves research and teaching. Distributing knowledge is therefore a fundamental part of my activity. These catalogs are outdated, without copyright. Please enjoy the information I have collected for free. I carefully scanned the catalogs, in order to keep the quality of the original printouts. My apologies for the heavy files and the lack of scanning professionalism. Be aware that a number of files exceeds 10 mb of size.

I hope the included information will help microscopists collectors, enthusiasts, and skilled amateurs still using these wonderful pieces of scientific equipment.

If you want me to post your catalogs, please contact me. I will do my best to post the files and send you back your property.


Why this database?

I have no plan of making money with these catalogs, but your contribution will help me paying the shipments of others, and maybe acquire some other catalogs. 

Any question? Do not hesitate to e-mail me!